EMMY winner Jerri Sher is proud to announce her 12-part television series on the power of healing and life transformations using alternatives to Western medicine.


LIVE LIFE tells the true life stories of people whose lives have been transformed through the power of the mind and alternative medicine.  Many of these people had been written off as beyond hope by the mainstream medical and psychological establishments -- only for them to learn how to tap into the healing power and strength within themselves.


From a woman whose childhood was a nightmare world of extreme child abuse and psychosis at the hands of her own mother; to a woman who had to be institutionalized for post-traumatic stress following a savage sexual attack; and from a Peabody award-winning journalist who contracted terminal cancer after exposure to degraded weapons; to a woman whose skin disease was so fierce she "felt like she was on fire”, each person candidly shares their remarkable story.  All participants were dealt hands by life that they -- and the doctors and experts -- were sure would break them but instead found the alternative paths to LIVE LIFE.


LIVE LIFE is an empowering, gripping, entertaining, and uplifting show that has something to offer everyone who wants change, joy and love in their lives.  Using up-to-the-minute visual techniques, storytelling, interviews, and authentic documentary footage, the program is designed to tell the story behind the story of life's ultimate survivors -- and to share their knowledge and unusual methods of healing with everyone.