About 25 years ago, while I was living in Marblehead, Massachusetts an astrologer told me I would be in movies and would impact the world in a big way about health and healing. At the time I was on my 2nd career as a sales and marketing manager for GOD (Guaranteed Overnight Delivery) Trucking Co. in the Northeast. Not a normal job for a female in those days. Little did I know that it was teaching me all of the skills to become a Producer, especially working with the teamsters. That coupled with my 1st career of art professor gave me the idea for my first novel. A story about a woman (formerly CIA) in the trucking business delving into a medical mystery about the cure for HIV/AIDS. And that is how it all happened, a girl from Fall River, MA becoming a Director's Guild member and 2 time EMMY winner. Maybe it is not a coincidence that I have been approached to film a documentary in Swaziland in Southern Africa, the country with the highest percentage of AIDS victims in the world. And I just finished directing, writing and producing LIVE LIFE, a 12-part television series about alternative healing for Discovery Communications. It will impact people worldwide to give them hope for a better life. My life has taken many exciting turns and I live each day as if it is the last, making the most out of every moment.  I stay centered and grounded and I always follow my heart as I continue to grow, change and evolve. That's why my life is beautiful and I am surrounded by love.