Lakshmi describes her childhood in two words, “Mommy Dearest”. It is astounding that she has overcome physical, mental and emotional abuse, alcoholism, and the inability to imagine because of the way she was treated by her mother during her formative years. Locked in a closet as a child, she was told she was not allowed to have an imagination. Meditation and imagery proved invaluable in her personal transformation. A proficient yoga instructor, Lakshmi became inspired when one of her students could no longer practice mat yoga due to arthritis. She created Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga (LVCY) for anyone who, for whatever reason, cannot do mat yoga. Her LVCY has won wide acceptance through her over 1500 teachers around the world. Her gift to society is certifying Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teachers



Christopher was dying from a severe case of diverticulitis and colitis and was down to 85 pounds. He was always in pain.  Meeting Master John Douglas, the metaphysical healer from Australia turned his life around, even though he was skeptical at first.  He had the means to find healers throughout the world and he had met many, but no one had been able to help him. He had been on prednisone for thirteen years and it had literally ruined his body. The transformation of a sick, dying man, unable to ever get out of bed, to a healthy strapping individual, is remarkable.



Will, at the tender age of nine, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His mom and Dad have three younger children and were in shock when they received the results of the MRI. Without radiation and chemotherapy, doctors advised there was no hope, he would be dead in about one year.  But, the family decided on alternative therapies: guided imagery, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and an organic, vegan diet.  Will also visits John of God in Brazil regularly. Now Will is twenty and he is skiing, swimming, and  studying at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA. He is spending his Junior year abroad in Ireland.  His parents and siblings continue their tremendous support of positive images



Richard, an ophthalmologist completely believes in all of Master John Douglas’ powers and regardless of his Western medicine practices; he shares his story on healing through John’s miraculous insight. A true TM Transcendental Meditator, he balances both worlds of Western medicine and the spiritual alternative world as well.



Manju suffered from a skin disease and always felt like she was on fire. People actually thought she had leprosy, her skin was so disfigured. Her eczema was not able to be cured by doctors or medications and life for Manju was completely bleak. It was not until she met Master John Douglas from Australia that she healed and now has her life back for the first time in over twenty-five years.

                   I FELT LIKE I WAS ON FIRE



Jeri was brutally raped in her home in 1992. Her horrifying story bristles with terror; it is filled with angst, physical trauma leading to hospitalization, and a mental breakdown that institutionalized her.  She says her life was like One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Jeri is a breast cancer survivor, having completed aggressive treatment ending only weeks before she went “public” with her story in front of the California Assembly in Feb. 2000. Learn how Dr. Miller’s Guided Imagery helped her move from her role as a victim to a survivor and activist; and how she became a recovering alcoholic. She has been instrumental in changing laws in several states relating to longer statues of limitation for rape, sexual assault and all uses of DNA.


Ann’s cancer was progressing rapidly despite chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Squamous cell carcinoma was the diagnosis with the only thought that she would be in treatments for the rest of her short life. When all hope was gone she met Master John Douglas, the metaphysical healer from Australia. Within weeks she was thriving and completely cancer free. Her MRI showing no cancer cells became a complete puzzle to the medical community. Ann continues her psychology practice in Los Angeles and is grateful for her new found healthy life.



Melinda created the THE F WORD FAT™ largely as a result of her own personal obesity journey. Stigmatized from a young age, the internal emotional battle was endless. Twelve years ago, Melinda at the age of forty-five (weight 225 lbs. 5’1” tall),  had what she describes as “a moment of true clarity and the beginning of real hope”, which led to the decision to have bariatric surgery. Giving up the beliefs that she was weak, had no willpower and should be able to conquer this on her own was like flipping a switch to the world of imagery. Seeing life through a new lens, she now helps those struggling with the decision to have surgery and works with organizations to educate and shape new perspectives on weight bias and discrimination. She is a member of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Children’s Obesity Program.


Erica’s mood swings were unbearable since she was a teenager. Finally her parents received the right diagnosis and she began treatment for bi-polar disorder and OCD. Because of so many medications combined with the rods in her spine from severe scoliosis, Erica was told she would not be able to have her own children. Having a baby was, indeed one of her utmost dreams, and with the help of guided imagery and Dr. Miller, Erica began the long, hard road to battle an illness without the drugs. She learned how to use the power of her mind and the love in her heart to bring healing to her body and her nervous system. Erica and her partner know that every day is like a roller coaster ride and they must face the ups and downs together.



Brad, a war correspondent for network news, covered many of the most momentous events of our times, from the Persian Gulf War and the struggle against Apartheid to drug wars in South American jungles and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. His career was ended due to a broken back and failed surgery. Then came the devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer from exposure to U.S. weapons containing depleted uranium used in Iraq. Motivated by the love of his two-year old son who pleaded, “Get up, Daddy” as he was dying, Bhava began the journey of self-healing based upon guided imagery, Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine. Now, transformed, he has devoted his life to guiding others into accessing their inherent power to heal and transform their lives.


Susan went to work as a systems engineer at IBM; spent several very gratifying years in the industry and then, changed paths and followed her passion for retail into a high-end neighborhood clothing boutique.  She had her first migraine at the age of thirty and had no idea what it was because she had never experienced that kind of pain before.  The next twenty years there were innumerable doctors, emergency rooms, medications, horrible side effects, despair, depression, hospitalization, injections and total isolation. Suicide was her next step, but thankfully through Marc Newkirk’s (scientific engineer) FLO and Lightfield Technology, she now has her life back and is relatively pain-free. Through her generosity Susan brings this technology to others, enabling them to find the extraordinary healing power that is available by just connecting to it.



Fred Segal, the man who revolutionized the retail jean industry, shares his touching story that spurred him to write LOVE ONE ANOTHER with the Dalai Lama. Despite a devastating divorce at an exceedingly low time in his life, he became healthy again through love, compassion and a raw food diet. If Freddie had to choose a movie title to describe his last seventy plus years, it would be IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.



Emmett Miller, MD, one of the fathers of mind/body medicine, is a physician, scientist, musician, and master storyteller, whose multicultural heritage has given him a unique social, medical, and spiritual perspective.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

Candace Pert, PhD (1946-2013) was an internationally recognized pharmacologist who published over 250 research articles and was a significant contributor to the emergence of Mind-Body Medicine as an area of legitimate scientific research in the 1980’s. While a graduate student, Dr. Pert discovered the elusive opiate receptor, a major step in the advancement of neuroscience, which won her boss a Lasker Prize in 1978.

Master John Douglas practices extraordinary spiritual healing, or “spirit repair.” Hailing from Sydney, Australia, John uses precise techniques and processes with Master Angelic Beings to heal the evolution of  humans and the earth on many levels.  He has had these powers since age nine. Together, John and his companions are working to create change on the quantum “invisible” level to be experienced as healing on the physical level.